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Pixel Perfect Testimonials

What we say is one thing but what our clients say is EVERYTHING!

The following are reviews are from our fabulous clients. Note that when we have included pictures, last names have been omitted to protect the privacy of the children.

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Children are so unpredictable and my daughter is no exception. When I arrived for my baby’s 6 month session I was greeted at the door by Dom with a warm and inviting smile and then Gail who was so thrilled to get started. Their presence is so calming and I believe my daughter can sense that. There is so much thought and effort that goes into everything. Gail has a vision and such an eye for beauty in everything. Lavena had a difficult time sitting, she was drooly and a little cranky so needless to say I was nervous about the end result. But when I saw my pictures I was blown away. They were amazing! Amongst the chaos of the session, with poopy diapers, snacks and squirminess, Gail captured the very best moments. I am so thankful to have found such a talented photographer.

Roseanna D., Weare NH

We had our son’s 9 month photo session at which we did family pictures for the first time since he was a newborn, and we cannot thank Gail enough for how beautiful all the pictures came out, especially our family pictures. What a treat to have family visiting from out of state and show them the slideshow and see their faces light up. Thank you for taking such amazing pictures that we can treasure forever. This first year is flying by, but we will always be able to remember thanks to your amazing work! I highly recommend Pixel Perfect! Gail never ceases to amaze us with her pictures! She has a great eye and captures beautiful pictures!

Melanie R., Merrimack NH

I wanted to cry viewing my images because I loved them so much! Gail was so patient during the newborn session even though Victoria did not really want to cooperate and the images were so beautiful! Thank you Gail and your entire team for such great work!

Christina B., Somerville, MA

This has been the best experience for our baby’s first photos. Pixel Perfect has a wonderful touch and fulfilled all our dreams for baby pictures. Gail & Dom have taken the best care of us and given us a great experience!

Michelle & Kristin D., Milford NH

We have been so happy with the amazing pictures that Pixel Perfect has taken of our children. They take the time to capture the details of the expressions of all 4 of our kids. During my youngest son’s newborn session, Gail helped me to reproduce a picture that I found on Pinterest. The one shot took a significant amount of time but Gail was determined to get the shot. I couldn’t have been happier with the results. Thank you for doing what you do!

Christine R., Windham, NH

Thank you Gail for being unbelievably patient with my 3 year old and 6 month old and for taking as much time as needed to capture all the images we wanted. You are a gifted photographer and went above and beyond to make the session a great experience. We LOVE our photos! You captured their personalities perfectly! I wish I had found you sooner. Dom was also extremely patient and helpful in selecting our images. Thank you both!

Kellie B., Manchester NH

We have been going to Gail and Dom since our daughter Samantha was 3 months old. We went for the special that was being offered at the time and did not intend on making it a family commitment but that is exactly what Gail and Dom have become. We look forward to our visits with both Gail and Dom. Samantha is now 7 and our youngest, Lexi, is 3. We have no idea what we would do without them!

James & Shannon H., Goffstown NH

What an amazing session! Gail you are a phenomenal photographer! On Saturday June 8, 2013 we went in for my son Liam’s 3 month pictures. Of course he was fussy when we got there and was not having his picture taken! At this point I think Gail could tell that I was getting a little stressed. I thought for sure we were going to have to make another appointment and come back. At this point my son was yawning and wanting to eat. Gail said not to worry, feed him and let him take a 15 minute nap. She told us not to stress. Gail was extremely patient and kind. After 15 minutes we woke him up and he was much more cooperative. I was so relieved. I was excited that Gail had me help to get him to smile… I cannot believe that we got these amazing pictures considering that he was screaming at the start of the session. Gail has an abundance of patience especially with a fussy baby! I cannot express my gratitude for how smoothly our session went! I cannot say enough how great Pixel Perfect is! Thank you again Gail! Your patience, understanding, and beautiful photography does not go unnoticed!

Melanie B., Merrimack NH

We decided to try Pixel Perfect because you specialize in photographing babies and children. It definitely takes a special talent to be able to capture those precious moments and you have done that for us time and again with Lily.

Gail, you are so incredibly patient. Letting us reschedule our session because Lily just wasn’t feeling it that day and then giving her time to take her cat nap at the rescheduled session in the middle of the session made all the difference in the world. She was so much happier when she was freshly rested and it shows in each shot of her.

So far we’ve been through the 3 and 6 month session and looking at the images during our viewing session brought tears to my eyes. Our babies grow so quickly and these images help preserve our fondest memories; there’s nothing like it!

I love walking into the studio. It is quaint and warm. The portraits which are displayed really capture the essence of innocence of babies and children. Beautiful! And everyone at the studio is incredibly nice, helpful and understanding, which is very important when dealing with children.

Everyone we show your work to is blown away. They absolutely love it. We have told others of our experience with you and how glad we are that we have made this investment and we will do it all over again if we are blessed with another little one.

Thank you for everything, we look forward to many more sessions with you.

Melissa D., Merrimack NH

We were nervous that our little girl’s pictures wouldn’t come out well, but the minute we met Gail we were put at ease. Her newborn photos were absolutely adorable, and Gail really listened to what sort of “look” we were going for. The 3 month photos were so much fun, and now our family eagerly looks forward to seeing the next set of photos at 6 month. We have beautiful photos of our baby girl, and moments we will never forget. Words can’t express how precious these photos are to all of us!

Jennifer C., Goffstown NH

I’m sure we weren’t the first to come up with it, but my husband and I have dubbed Gail, “The Baby Whisperer.” She was amazing with our newborn, at our first session – we wanted to take her home with us!

Her attention to detail is outstanding, and she doesn’t miss a beat. She takes pictures that actually move you. I cry at every session review with Dom. She just manages to capture everything pure, wholesome and beautiful about my daughter, Kennedy.

I love working with Pixel Perfect. It’s a great investment, and money well spent. We’ll look back on these pictures in the years and decades to come and they will move us as much then, as they do now.

Heather B., Manchester NH

Thank you for capturing special moments in our baby’s life that we will enjoy and cherish forever. Your dedication to get priceless images is unmatched.

Trudy M., Reading MA

We thought we could not be any more thrilled with the wonderful pictures that came from our first year in the Baby Plan with Pixel Perfect, but Gail outdid herself for my son’s 2nd year session. With my son in his wetsuit, his little boogie board and a beach towel, she recreated a beach scene and convinced my son (did I mention he is a toddler?) to pretend he was at the ocean! The results?? Landon enjoyed another afternoon at Pixel Perfect and Gail snapped some unforgettable action shots that we will treasure for years.

Corey G., Chemlsford MA

Gail is the baby whisperer! Calling the studio when Ella was first born was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I LOVE the reaction of family and friends when they see the photos and I LOVE that I will be able to treasure the pictures for a lifetime!

Emily M., Framingham MA

I have been a customer of Pixel Perfect for eight years. I have seen my three children grow through Gail’s photographs. We have so many pictures hanging on our walls because I can’t stand the thought of taking any of these pieces of art down. My three children have all suffered from severe stomach problems. Gail had unending patience for my babies when their bellies are aching. She will spend an extreme amount of time trying to comfort your little one while trying to capture the perfect pictures. I can’t say enough about the quality of Pixel Perfect’s portraits and the true love that Gail gives to each and every child that walks through her doors.

Crystal L., Dracut MA

We love love love Pixel Perfect Photography!! We are always treated like our son is the CUTEST baby in the world. Gail is patient and kind and thorough in her sessions with our son. We couldn’t be happier with our experience–from the photo sessions to the photo album 🙂

Angela M., Lowell MA

I feel very fortunate to have found Pixel Perfect when I did. I was pregnant and looking for someone to take pregnancy photos. I was reluctant because I didn’t feel totally comfortable “modeling” for someone I’ve never met but, Gail had a way of making me feel totally comfortable and at ease. The images really reflect that.

When my newborn arrived, I was beyond excited to see what Gail would come up with. She took the time to talk and just catch up on how we were doing before she started which is really nice. The studio was warm and comfortable for a (naked) little newborn. Gail took her time setting up everything for each shot so it was just perfect. She really listened to what I wanted and had enough great ideas of her own so I didn’t need to come up with an idea for a shot
if I didn’t want to. I have never seen a photographer with such an eye for detail and such patience. The appointment is scheduled with more than enough time for your baby to eat or get changed as much as she needs to. The session is not rushed at all. The baby runs the show and I love that!

At the viewing, Dom plays a slideshow that makes me cry every time. They play music and it reminds me of why I went there in the first place. Dom is patient while I decide which photos I want which is always the hardest part because they are all so perfect! He clarifies any questions and helps me decide what would work best. I never feel rushed which is very nice.

I am so glad I found Pixel Perfect and I wouldn’t trust capturing my baby’s first year to anyone else! I love them!!

Karla H., Nashua NH

It’s not easy to get three 2 year olds and their big brother to cooperate and take a picture, but Gail never seems to mind. Her patience never slips and she always gets the perfect shot! I’m amazed every single time!

Renee & Dave L, Lowell MA

My decision to invest with Pixel Perfect started as a gift at my baby shower, a gift certificate that began the journey. Six years later, the journey goes on. We will continue to invest in our childrens’ future by capturing their journey of milestones as they grow. Pixel Perfect does not provide photographs of my children, they capture my children in photographs!

When I first walked in the studio, I was at ease. The studio felt like home, warm colors, natural woods, and the most welcoming smiles from all staff.

I could never put into words the emotions I feel after viewing my pictures. I thought I was just a sap, until I shared my dvds with 20 friends and family members and let’s just say, there was not a dry eye! My relatives joke that my house is free advertisement For Pixel Perfect. I have portraits in my nursery, living room, stairway, kitchen, even my bathroom. They are works of art! There has not been one guest that has not commented on my pictures.

Pixel Perfect offers payment plans, which was a saving grace for us. The payment plan put us at ease, and allowed us more options and choices. We could focus on the beautiful photos and not on the cost.

I have used both private and chain based photographers in the past. After experiencing Pixel Perfect I would never go anywhere else. We are never just another family appointment for the day, we are THE family. The attention, warm nature and customer service does not compare. To a friend who was thinking of investing in a portrait experience with Pixel Perfect but wasn’t sure, I wouldn’t say anything, I would show her my array of wall portraits, photo books and slideshows…and my job would be done!

Tricia P., North Billerica MA

Pixel Perfect we love you! Gail you are amazing! Whenever I look at my pics of my little guy I smile. I have all his photos up throughout the house and my heart melts a little each time when I look at them. Thank you soo much for capturing Caleb’s true personality. Each picture is treasured in my heart! Thanks again for all the patience for taking them!

Holly P., Billerica MA

There is no place else like Pixel Perfect! The customer service is above and beyond, the time that Gail takes at every single session and the patience that she has with the babies is unbeatable, the studio location is convenient, the studio itself is so warm and welcoming, and of course the pictures are phenomenal! The time that is put into every print really shows. My husband and I purchased the first year package and we are so so glad that we did! We will cherish these photos forever!

Sarah H., Derry NH

Pixel Perfect always got amazing photos of my daughter regardless of her moods! They were fabulous with her!

Melissa C., Billerica MA

We love all the pictures we have had done at Pixel Perfect. Everyone at the studio goes above and beyond to ensure you love your pictures. We appreciate the relaxed atmosphere with young children. Gail pays attention to every detail when she sets up and takes the pictures. Thanks for capturing all of these special moments for us! They are truly priceless.

Heather D., Canterbury NH

Our experience at Pixel Perfect was amazing. From the first moment we met Gail, she made us feel comfortable. From maternity to our 1 year session Gail was so patient and paid very special attention to every little detail – she made sure everything was perfect. I call her “the baby whisperer.” I looked forward to every session. Unlike the chain photographers Gail would spend a great amount of time setting up ‘scenes’ during each session, we had unique and beautiful backgrounds and props to complement our daughter.

It was great to work with Dom as well. I enjoyed each viewing appointment and I even shed a few tears. The photos always took my breath away and it was hard to choose favorites.

The picture were always delivered on time as promised and beautifully packaged. It’s like opening a present each time! And, I like the referral cards with the baby’s photo on them – I’m always proud to hand them out.

I’m so glad that I chose Pixel Perfect because we will never get this first, wonderful year of so many changes back and Gail made it possible to never forget those moments. They are not only beautiful memories but heirlooms for our daughter. What a great experience!

Michelle G., Concord NH

I have a lot of experience with getting baby portraits done, because I’ve had 4 babies! I didn’t discover Pixel Perfect until a year before I had my 4th baby. An acquaintance at my son’s gymnastics lesson showed me a card she had with a beautiful portrait of her daughter on it, and when I commented on how
nice it was, she proceeded to rave to me about her experience there. It was fall, and Christmas portraits were looming, and when she told me about the Dickens portraits she’s had done at Christmastime at Pixel Perfect, I became very interested, since I love all things vintage! I went home and looked at their web site and blog, and was so impressed with what I saw that I resolved to go with them if I ever had another baby. At the time I had 3 boys and only a vague hope of ever having a daughter. I brought the boys in for their vintage Christmas photo shoot, and loved the results. About a year later, I had my 4th and last baby. Since she was the first, last, and only girl after 3 boys in a row, she was already special, and I felt justified in splurging on a good photographer after bringing the boys to every available mall photographer, and frequently being disappointed with the results. In retrospect, I wish that I could turn back time and have had portraits for all my babies done at Pixel Perfect.

My experience at Pixel Perfect differed from the many other photography experiences I’ve had in three ways: 1) Gail actually listens to what you want in terms of background, theme, or mood, 2) She takes however long it takes to get a good shot and 3) She takes responsibility for earning enough of your child’s trust to get her comfortable enough to smile and relax for the shoot. So often I’ve been to photographers where my appointment only lasted a half an hour, and if my child started crying at the unfamiliar situation, the photographer just looked at me and shrugged, as if she could get a good shot only if I calmed my child down first, something which is impossible to do without the photographer participating as well!

In particular, the newborn session stands out for me. Gail kept letting me take breaks to nurse and change my 8-day-old baby, and even helped me soothe her back to sleep multiple times. As a result, the shots from our newborn session are my absolute favorites, really incredibly artistic photos reminiscent of Anne Geddes. Gail really knocked it out of the park with that session. I’m so glad I found the time to bring the baby in, during those crazy newborn days. The patience she exhibited with my baby that day, and at each successive appointment, really rivals the patience I have for her, and I am the baby’s mother!

Gail lets you choose things that would normally be considered over and above the session cost at a mall studio. For instance, she lets you choose multiple backgrounds and do multiple outfit changes at each session, depending on how much the baby can tolerate. So in the end you have a variety of colors and themes to choose from, rather than one or two backgrounds, all in the same outfit (and Gail will actually match the backdrop to your child’s outfit, which is something I’ve never seen another photographer do). She offered to let me bring my other 3 kids in for a group shoot at Charlotte’s 9-month session. Naturally, a good group shot is something every mother would love, but would be afraid to ask for, in case it jacks the cost up. I got to bring in all 4 of my kids, which is a handful, and got the most gorgeous photo I’ve ever seen of all of them. The entire family is still raving about it!

I am a stay-at-home mom, and I’ve used the portraits I had done on Charlotte’s baby plan as artwork all throughout my house. I’ll be honest, this was a lot of money for us, but I am reaping the reward every day in seeing this artwork all day long, since I’m home so much. For example, with 4 little kids, you can imagine how often I am in the kitchen, either preparing food or cleaning up. In my kitchen hangs a picture Gail did of Charlotte sitting in a colander, wearing nothing but a chef’s hat, with the most mischievous smile on her face, and this picture really brightens all the time I spend in front of it getting food ready! These pictures serve as a daily reward for a job that is not always so rewarding!

You get what you pay for. If you want to pay the $40 to have some teenage photographer shrug at you if your baby cries, and pick up your awful prints in an hour, then a mall photographer is definitely for you! If you want a gorgeous print of a fleeting moment in your baby’s way-too-rapid development, that you consider a priceless work of art, then I’d suggest you may want to go with Pixel Perfect.

My daughter just graduated from the Baby Plan a week ago, with her 12-month photo shoot, and I am really sad that I can no longer look forward to these incredible pictures every three months! I’m not the only one either; the grandmas and other family members all really enjoyed seeing the shots whenever I would share them on Facebook. We all looked forward to the next appointment. What should be most telling is that we moved away halfway through the Baby Plan, but I drove an hour and half each way with 4 little kids to keep our last two appointments (not an easy ride!), because they meant that much to me. Now, if I only I could rewind and get some equally great shots of my little boys as babies!

Thanks so much, Gail. If you ever need an apprentice, it is my dream job to come and work for you!

Linda H., Keene NH

They make us feel right at home and the pictures always come out great! We will always come here, especially for Baby’s First Year!

Kaitlyn Fortier., Nashua NH

We had heard wonderful things about Pixel Perfect and Gail did not disappoint! When you only have a short window of opportunity to photograph your newborn, we needed to be confident they would turn out. Our pictures were amazing and we’re looking forward to our future sessions as we capture our little one’s first year!

Erin Daly., Nashua NH

We’re so happy with the way the pictures came out. Thanks for the great work that you do, it’s a real treasure to have pictures like this to have forever!

Kevin & Lynne Dumont., Nashua NH

Thanks for sharing Gail and Dom! Loved seeing the photos! Great job! I’ll always remember Riley’s 6 month photo shoot, as it was the first time that she sat up all by herself! What a great milestone to remember!

Elizabeth Harlow, Merrimack NH

We’ve been clients since our oldest son was 15 days old. At every session, Gail has taken incredible care of us to ensure the most beautiful pictures. Her patience and ability to adapt to each child’s needs based on their age is amazing. She has captured each child’s unique personality, creating albums that we will treasure for the rest of our lives.
Gail & Dom provide a relaxing, child-centered environment that instantly alleviates the stress of photographing your children. The studio is always calm and welcoming. And, I’ve never felt rushed. From the moment we arrive until we are finished, the attention is on my children and creating the best portraits possible. I think that is a huge distinction from other studios (whether retail or private).

I recommend Pixel Perfect to all of my friends and family with the utmost confidence. Every one of my friends that has worked with Pixel Perfect has been truly impressed and thankful for the recommendation.

Shelley Outwater., Chelmsford MA

The projection session is heartwrenching! There are so many beautiful photos that you want them all! Pixel Perfect goes far beyond chain stores and studios. The pictures are timeless, never cheesy and there’s never any rush during the session or the projection appointment.
These guys know all the tricks! To other moms and dads: you’ll never regret the money you spend. You will pull out these photos over and over again and marvel at how wonderful they are. They are an investment in the memories you will relive for years to come.

Laurie Petersen, Manchester MH

From my very first conversation with Gail, I was impressed with her professionalism and obvious love for her craft. And, regardless of how cooperative (or not) my children are at their photo sessions, Gail never fails to capture their expressions and personalities. I never feel rushed; the personal attention is second to none.
I highly recommend Pixel Perfect to any parent who wants to have the most beautiful and original portraits of their children to cherish for years to come.

Diane Houle, Lowell MA

Gail’s work is in a league of its own and can be considered the “Porsche” of all photography studios. The viewing sessions are fun, informative, pressure free and sometimes tearful! Gail and Dom are extremely patient with their clients and they strive for a stress-free sitting and viewing alike. To other Moms and Dads who are considering taking the plunge with Pixel – “Just Do It” – Trust me, it will be one of the best decisions you ever make as a parent!

Elizabeth Krueger, Bedford NH

Thank you and Dom again for everything! It has been such a pleasure and blessing knowing you both for the past 6 years. Your creativity has made special and lasting memories for our boys to enjoy as they grow up and for when they have families of their own. We look forward to capturing our growing family with you for the years to come!

Julie & Albert Markert, New Ipswich MA

Your rapport with our children is truly wonderful – even my husband enjoys the experience and he hates to have his photo taken.

Jeanine Walker, Nashua NH

Great to work with. Wonderful services. Amazing pictures.

Carol Rzasa, Derry NH

We love you guys and your work. Would (and do) recommend your studio to anyone we can. Well worth the drive time from Boston. It really helps make the experience positive that you never rush the kids, allow time for bottles when necessary, and are so at ease with them. Thank you!

Diane Daly., Stoneham NH

Because the quality of your work is outstanding and I could tell right away that you love what you do, which makes a huge difference in customer satisfaction. I’m so satisfied with my experience thus far, thank you for all that you do! You are wonderful.

Susan Marone, Hudson NH

Your patience with the children is great. I’m sure you never get applauded for your patience with the parents! Thank you!

Kristin Atkins, Goffstown NH

Because your pictures of my newborn baby boy were breathtaking…How could I resist! You guys have been wonderful to us . . . I have been very happy with the results of my children’s pictures!

Sandy Devlin, Dunstable MA

Love Gail’s work! Everyone is so easy to work with. I just love going and everyone I have referred loves going too!

Lori Holland, Goffstown NH

Great service, unbelievable quality and pics. There is nothing else like it, there is just no comparison.

Noelle Paradise, Bennington NH

I am not just being nice….I cannot think of anything you could do better. Maybe clone Gail! I think you know how much we LOVE Pixel Perfect and you both! We have always been thrilled with every single thing you have ever done for us.

Cindy McTiernan, Marshfield MA

The quality of the photos – you capture the true expressions of our little ones in a way I never could. Overall, your customer service and level of professionalism is excellent, keep up the good work!

Mary Lavene, Acton MA

You guys do a wonderful job. The art work comes out so beautiful!! I’m so happy we chose you!!

Monica Gisetto, Amherst NH

Honestly, I am very happy. Your promotions are great, the orders are timely, packages are great, I can’t think of anything I’d change!

Lisa Kaminski, Tyngsboro MA

We always love
the whole process and the end product. We are always satisfied. I always look forward to the sessions and to see the finished products.

Janet Stone, Londonderry NH

The initial promotion was a great offer and that first experience had us hooked!!! You guys are the best!

After a wonderful experience for the first year with our oldest child, we tried other options, reputable photographers closer to our area, to save time in travel and maybe some money, but nothing compared to the offerings from Pixel Perfect. We realized soon enough that we had made a terrible mistake in leaving and were lucky enough to have gotten back in time for our second child’s three month session.

The entire experience with you guys was unmatched – we never felt rushed (even after hours of pouring over photos from a two and a half hour photo shoot) and we truly appreciate the relationship that you two are able to build with your clients.

The photos are gorgeous and you, Gail, have a knack for creating those natural looking moments in the studio, especially between siblings, that you just cannot capture elsewhere. Our children were comfortable and at ease at every shoot and if there was any kind of problem you remained flexible and compassionate.

The image we have of the first year for each of our children are ones we will cherish for a lifetime! THANK YOU!!

Wendy Despres, Chichester NH

I loved the pictures that I saw in the brochure. When I met with Gail for the first time, I felt very comfortable and she allowed me to take breaks so I could tend to my newborn. I never feel rushed and Gail is always calm, even when my children are not cooperating. I love all of the pictures that have been taken by Gail. She does a phenomenal job!

Nadina Wright, Chelmsford MA

We tried other studios but they were not as professional, caring and patient with our twins. The quality was not even close to what we have received from Pixel Perfect. We love the pictures and have had fun doing them. We have been very impressed with all you do!

Emily Collins, Acton MA

Gail and Dom, you have been a true blessing in my life and the lives of my children. Thank you for being more than just a business…you are our friends!

Michelle Franklin, Nashua NH

I am so happy that I found Gail 5 years ago. You have photographed all three of my little girls from their first months on. I cherish every picture, my walls are covered with every stage. The innocence and sweetness you capture always puts a smile on my face and helps me hold on to each day…..they go by so fast.

Maura Daddona, Merrimack NH

The offer for the newborn session was what brought me to the studio, but once I saw the finished product, I was hooked! Our first session (mother and child) was so fabulous! You are always so accomodating, patient…it really makes the experience so much better-and to see the finished product when I have been sure there was no way there were good expressions or smiles caught!!

Beth DeRego, Nashua NH

A friend of mine spoke so highly of you. She would always show me pictures of her daughter. I coveted these pictures….the quality, originality!!! So I became a client myself. I love the follow up calls from Tracy as it makes me actually look at the pictures again.

Overall, I am thoroughly pleased with my experience. I have never been rushed despite all my outfit changes and need for the perfect picture of each child and then them together. Gail is always patient and nurturing, helpful, accommodating. Dom also has been a great listener of all our stories, contributing his own.

We feel more like friends than clients!

Kelly Oliviera, North Billerica MA

Your photos were very unique and unlike any we had ever seen before. Once we saw the slideshow at our very first viewing of Thomas’ 6wk session we were hooked. And, everytime we stop in you always have something new to offer.

Robin Harkins, Pepperell, MA

I became a client because of Gail’s talent and studio methods in photography and Dom’s comfortable living room setting and low stress method of sales! My experience at Pixel is flexible and relaxing. We are able to get great shots because there is no time crunch or rush like other places…and the photos are the proof!

Paula Wyka, Windham NH

I think that you have a wonderful business. Everyone who works there is so kind and friendly and eager to help in any way. I totally LOVE LOVE LOVE my photos which I will treasure forever. Gail is amazing and her work is so beautiful. I love Pixel Perfect and I am so glad that I have invested in these photos which I know will be enjoyed forever!!

Patti Lopoulos, Montgomery NH

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