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Unique, beautiful and
timeless images for your
tiny, new miracle.


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Capturing all the little
things during your
baby's amazing first year.


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The very first page
of your new baby's story.


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Photography as unique
and beautiful as your child.


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Your family's story.
In pictures as real and
fabulous as you all are.


My Story


Gail Morello and son
Because with photography, it’s all personal. You want to know who you’ll be dealing with.

That’s me, Gail, and my son, Jay. I’m the owner and principle photographer of Pixel Perfect and this is one of my very favorite pictures. You can see how much I adore my son and how happy he is.

This picture rekindles so many happy memories of my son’s growing up years. It touches my heart and doing just that for other people is why I started my business.

It’s also why I love what I do. My work is more than a job. It’s a calling that came to me as clear as a bell one summer evening 16 years ago. Follow the link below to read more about it, and why touching your heart with the photos and experience we create is everything to me.

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Why Us


top 10 reasons to choose us

You have lots of options these days, including taking pictures yourself. Why choose us? Here’s what makes us different…

1. We ‘Get’ Babies and Children. We know what makes them tick. We speak their language and we love them (we think they know that).

Understanding children in general helps to make things go more smoothly during a session. Understanding your own child and capturing what makes her special is where the magic happens and it’s how we create photos that speak to your heart.

So we spend lots of time with your child. We’ve also created a fun place to be so your child will be comfortable enough to be herself, show us all what a charmer she is, and want to happily come back to visit us again.

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newborn photo
What we say is one thing but what our clients say is EVERYTHING! Read what Rosie had to say about us…

“Children are so unpredictable and my daughter is no exception. When I arrived for my baby’s 6 month session I was greeted by Gail who was thrilled to get started. Her presence is so calming and I believe my daughter can sense that.

There is so much thought and effort that goes into everything. Gail has a vision and such an eye for beauty in everything, and a world of patience. Lavena had a difficult time sitting, she was drooly and a little cranky so needless to say I was nervous about the end result.

But when I saw my pictures I was blown away. They were amazing! Amongst the chaos of the session, with poopy diapers, snacks and squirminess, Gail captured the very best moments. I am so thankful to have found such a talented photographer.”

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Your Story

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