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The Importance of Family Photos

Years from now, when you’ve grown older and your children are looking through their pictures and ask where you were, what do you say if there are no family pictures?

You can even boost your child’s self-esteem with a family portrait.

Stephanie Marston is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with more than 25 years experience. In her book “The Magic of Encouragement” (Morrow, 1990), she suggests displaying two photographs near a child’s bed. One should show a happy picture of the child and the other should be a picture showing family togetherness (like the pictures you see on this page). These images will be “the last thing the child sees before she goes to sleep at night and the first thing she sees when she wakes up in the morning.” This helps the child to feel capable, loved, and an important part of the family. It’s true that images can speak louder than words!

This is why it’s important to have family pictures that you love – with YOU in them.

Pictures with Your Children

What are your favorite pictures?

As an adult, don’t you find that your favorite and most cherished pictures are those that remind you of your family? This will one day be true for your own children.

With family pictures that you love, you are leaving a memory to your children of how you loved them every day of their lives. Memories of your warm smile, your kind face and familiar clothes and how you looked at this moment in time will slowly slip away if you don’t have pictures to keep your image fresh.

Pictures with Your Children





You probably keep meaning to capture all of you together before yet another year goes by. Or another milestone passes. Maybe you’re always the one behind the camera so there are never pictures of you. Maybe you just can’t get a picture of everyone looking good at the same time.

We can help with all of that!

We offer in-studio and on location family sessions for your immediate and extended family. You will ALL love how you look, because we’ll help you with what to wear, and we’ll create an image that EVERYONE in the picture will love (we guarantee it!).

A professional family portrait doesn’t need to be stuffy.

Far from it.

The best family pictures show real emotion and genuine expressions and tell the world how much you all love each other. You don’t even all need to be looking at the camera in every picture. Some of our all-time favorites are of families looking at each other, having a great time. A good family portrait just needs to be a little put together (we can help you there!) and include all the most important and loved people in your life. And it should tell your family’s story. Because having a family portrait you love with the people you love is something you’ll never regret.

We don’t just take pictures. We tell your story.

And we would love nothing better than to help you stay in the picture.

Ideas & Samples

See what we have done for other clients, get tips on clothing suggestions and how to prepare for your session, and clean lots of ideas and inspiration so we can help you create the family picture of your dreams.


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Session Options

The session fee covers our time and talent in the camera room, or time to process your images in preparation for your review and our time to review your images with you.

Immediate Family

Parents and their children, including step-children.

Session Fee $125

We generally take photos of the entire family, the children together, each of the children alone and then any other combinations that you would like.

  • In-studio
  • 30-60 minutes
  • You will view 30-50 images
  • Portraits are additional


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Extended Family

Multiple families within a larger family.

No session fee – $299 deposit required

The entire deposit goes towards your portrait purchase AND we will even add $50 studio credit to your deposit, so you will have $349 to spend on your portrait purchase!

We generally take photos of the entire extended family together, each of the families alone and then any other combinations that you would like.

  • In-studio
  • 30-60 minutes
  • You will view 10-30 images
  • Portraits are additional


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What We Offer

family photo

Whatever your interest, if you appreciate fine portraiture we have something for you! We offer a wide variety of products – desk portraits, wall pieces, parent brag books, mini canvases, books and albums, French Country frames, announcement cards and more. There are plenty of samples in our studio and we’ll be able to show you almost anything you may want to see with your own images with our state-of-the-art projection system.


Not sure how things will look or what size to buy? We can help! Take a picture with your smartphone of the space in your home that you’re considering and we’ll show you exactly what your pictures will look like in the exact size you’re considering right in that spot! No more guesswork or surprises!


Coffee Table Artbook Sample

View a single session or multiple sessions across up to 3 years through one of our famous coffee table artbooks. The artbook is one of our signature pieces and included in a number of packages. No two books are alike, because no two families are alike! We combine the images from your sessions with our design skills for the the perfect way to remember everything.
 To move pages use the navigation arrows on the left and right side of the book or click on a thumbnail below the pages.


You Probably Have a Few Questions

Toggle each question below for the answer. There are lots more questions and answers here.


How many people can you photograph in a single family picture?

We can photograph up to 15 people in-studio for a family session.

Do you offer on-location services?

No, we do not offer on-location services. All of our sessions are done in-studio.

My child has a scratch. Can you fix it?

We retouch boo boos, scars (if desired), scratches, blemishes, baby acne, stretch marks and a host of other things on portraits so don’t sweat the small stuff, we’ve got you covered. If things look especially bad, though for anyone being included in the picture (think conjunctivitis or a black eye), call us at 603-579-0500.

How can you possibly get a picture with everyone looking their best?

We will take a number of shots of each post to be sure that we have a good picture of every individual, and then we will headswap if necessary to create a great picture of everyone. Trust me, you’ll never even know we did it!

What's the best time?

We tell families to plan on a time that is the optimum time for the smallest person being included in the picture.

Do you schedule appointments on the weekends?

We do schedule sessions on Saturdays, but they are often booked 3-4 months out so if you do need a weekend, it’s best to plan ahead. During the week, we schedule sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

When do I decide what to purchase?

We have you return within approximately 1 week to view your images, select your favorites and your portrait purchases. We will schedule your viewing session immediately after your photo session.

How much is this going to cost me?

There are 2 parts to our pricing, the session fee and portrait pricing.

The session fee covers our time and talent in the camera room, or time to process your images in preparation for your review and our time to review your images with you.  There is a session fee for the immediate family session. For the extended family, we only require a deposit.

For portrait pricing, we have lots of options, too numerous to list here so we’ll provide some ball park figures. Some people spend more, some spend less than the figures here, depending on their wants and needs.

  • Our gift portraits (8×10 and smaller) are meticulously retouched, professional sealed and mounted, wrapped in glassine and delivered to you in a gift box with a personalized bag that you’ll re-use again and again; prices start at $135 A La Carte. Wall portraits are hand-finished and sealed, available in 3 finishes and gallery wrapped or framed with your choice of 4 moldings; prices for wall portraits start at $229.
  • Clients who invest in family portraiture generally spend $800-$1500 in packages that may include items such as a wall piece, gift portraits and photo cards.

What if I’m not happy?

This is our guarantee – you must be absolutely thrilled with the portraits we create for you and your family. Love them, or – you’ll get every penny back. There is NO risk to you. You have NOTHING to lose. And everything to gain.

What we say is one thing.

But, what our clients say is EVERYTHING!

Read what Tricia had to say about us. And, there are lots more client reviews here.



I have used both private and chain based photographers in the past. After experiencing Pixel Perfect I would never go anywhere else. We are never just another family appointment for the day, we are THE family. The attention, warm nature And customer service does not compare. To a friend who was thinking of investing in a portrait experience with Pixel Perfect but wasn’t sure, I wouldn’t say anything, I would show her my array of wall portraits, photo books and slideshows…and my job would be done!

Tricia Pantalone

North Billerica, MA

The Deal

Purchase an Immediate family session for $125


Sign up for an Extended family session and we will add $50 credit to your $299 deposit

This will give you $349 to spend on your portrait purchase.


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Electronically (anytime): contact us

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