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Raising a child is epic.

It’s often the biggest thing any of us does. Childhood is a magical time and children fill our own hearts with all kinds of wonder and emotion from the day they arrive. Their moments and their stories bob and weave around us, changing as time passes. Child-rearing years are so full that time really does slip away while we aren’t looking. One day we glance around and realize that certain moments just don’t happen any more. The images and the stories have changed.

We don’t just take pictures. We tell your child’s story.

Each child is pre-packaged with his or her own gifts. Some gifts are obvious – the soulful eyes, the dimple in her chin, the mischievous smile. Some are experienced once you spend time with a child – the sweet disposition, the way he tells a story, how she dances around the room. That your little boy loves baseball and his little brother, not necessarily in that order. That your little girl longs to be a mermaid, or a scientist.

What we do is stop time for just a beat…

So you can glance at a treasured photo and let that memory wash over you. We preserve your child’s story in images so perfectly that the memories never die. They become heirlooms and legends and family history and live on in our hearts and for generations.

That is what we do.

And here’s what may be the best part – it’s all done for you. All you have to do is show up.

You may love to photograph but maybe it’s too hard to read the darn camera manual and you can’t get quite the pictures you want. Or you plain don’t have the time to get it done. Or you want to make sure that the special moments and the most important stories look as special as they are so you’ve decided to entrust them in the hands of someone who’s ‘been there, done that’ a thousand times before.

We would love nothing better than to help you tell your child’s story in pictures.

Session Options

The session fee covers our time and talent in the camera room, or time to process your images in preparation for your review and our time to review your images with you.

Single Session


  • May be for a single child or multiple children
  • In-studio
  • 30-60 minutes
  • You will view 30-50 images
  • Portraits are additional
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Kids Club


  • 3 sessions over 3 years
  • May be for a single child or multiple children
  • In-studio
  • 30-60 minutes per session
  • You will view 30-50 images per session
  • Portraits are additional


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Theme Days

Session fees vary; Theme day sessions are normally held during the holidays and at Easter.


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What We Offer

Whatever your interest, if you appreciate fine portraiture we have something for you! We offer a wide variety of products – desk portraits, wall pieces, parent brag books, books and albums, multiple framing choices, announcement cards and more. There are plenty of samples in our studio and we’ll be able to show you almost anything you may want to see with your own images with our state-of-the-art projection system.


Not sure how things will look or what size to buy? We can help! Take a picture with your smartphone of the space in your home that you’re considering and we’ll show you exactly what your pictures will look like in the exact size you’re considering right in that spot! No more guesswork or surprises!


Coffee Table Artbook Sample

View a single session or multiple sessions across up to 3 years through one of our famous coffee table artbooks. The artbook is one of our signature pieces and included in a number of packages. No two books are alike, because no two children are alike! We combine the images from your sessions with our design skills for the the perfect way to remember everything.
 To move pages use the navigation arrows on the left and right side of the book or click on a thumbnail below the pages.


You Probably Have a Few Questions

Toggle each question below for the answer. There are lots more questions and answers here.


What if the session doesn't go well?

I leave a lot of time for every session just so that we have flexibility if the unexpected should occur. I also have a world of patience and a few tricks up my sleeve. And, I know how to approach almost any child in any situation. Still, sometimes babies and small children just have a bad day, no matter how well we plan. I’m a great judge of how things are going and if I feel they are not going as well as I’d like no matter what we try I’ll call it and we’ll find a time to reschedule. It doesn’t happen often and certainly not the option that we’d all like but aren’t you glad you don’t have to worry about it?

How many pictures will I see from my session?

It depends on the session, but you’ll have anywhere from 30-60 images to select from with various poses and a variety of expressions, close-ups, mid-length and full-length. We will always go over your expectations before the session and we’ll always ask at the end of the session if we’ve done everything you wanted to do.

How much is this going to cost me?

There are two parts to our pricing, the session fee and portrait pricing.

The session fee of $125 covers our time and talent in the camera room, or time to process your images in preparation for your review and our time to review your images with you.  Purchase a pack of 3 sessions at for only an additional $25.

For portrait pricing, we have lots of options, too numerous to list here so we’ll provide some ballpark figures. Some people spend more, some spend less than the figures here, depending on their wants and needs.

  • Our gift portraits (8×10 and smaller) are meticulously retouched, professional sealed and mounted, wrapped in glassine and delivered to you in a gift box with a personalized bag that you’ll re-use again and again; prices start at $135. Wall portraits are hand-finished and sealed, available in 3 finishes and gallery wrapped or framed with your choice of 4 moldings; prices start at $339.
  • Clients usually spend $900-$1200 in packages that may include items such as a wall piece, session album, gift portraits and possibly a multimedia slideshow.
  • Clients who join us for our Kids Club and who purchase multi-session packages generally spend $800-$1000 per session over the life of their plan in packages that may include items such as albums or books, gift portraits, framed pieces, custom photo cards, multimedia slideshows and digital negatives.

I'm not sure about investing in pictures right now. With kids there are a lot of expenses.

None of my clients has ever regretted investing in quality pictures with us. Photography may be one of the few investments that is guaranteed to be worth more years from now.

With that said, we do understand the financial reality families face these days. So, we offer several payment options – Visa, MC, Discover, checks, cash, EFT, money orders. We also offer hassle-free, no-interest financing for many of our packages. This is HUGE for many of our clients – select the images you like, we’ll help you find the package that’s best for you and then we’ll craft a payment plan that will fit your budget. It’s not a layaway, take your pictures home and pay over time. How cool is that?

What if I’m not happy?

This is our guarantee – you must be absolutely thrilled with the portraits we create for you and your family. Love them, or – you’ll get every penny back. There is NO risk to you. You have NOTHING to lose. And everything to gain.

row-spacerWhat we say is one thing.

But, what our clients say is EVERYTHING!

Read what Elizabeth had to say about us. And, there are lots more client reviews here.



Gail’s work in the camera room is in a league of its own. And, the viewing sessions are fun, informative, pressure free and sometimes emotional! Gail and Dom are extremely patient with their clients and they strive for a stress-free sitting and viewing alike. To other Moms and Dads who are considering taking the plunge with Pixel – “Just Do It” – Trust me, it will be one of the best decisions you ever make as a parent!

Elizabeth Krueger

Bedford, NH

The Deal

Get either a single session or our Kids Club at half price.

Yup, that’s 50% off!

Pretty darn good deal.


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