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Congratulations Mama-to-be!

Excitement. Anxiety. Intense emotions. Hunger. Due date circled on the calendar. Charting baby’s progress. Reading every baby book in sight. Downloading baby apps. Doctor visits. Shopping! Tired. Hungry. Tired. More shopping! Bathroom breaks! Calls to mom. It’s going so slow. It’s going too fast! I cannot wait to meet this baby that I already love with all my heart and soul…

Feel familiar?

It’s a whole new world. The beginning of your baby’s story. Maternity photography is a celebration of that story, and a celebration of the love between a mother, a child and a family. Like love, pregnancy pictures are a very personal thing. Everyone is different.

  • Some mamas-to-be come to us with specifics in mind.
  • A lot of people know they ‘just want to capture this time’ for fear of missing out and don’t have set ideas.
  • Some people want just a belly picture.
  • Some want a soft, romantic picture with no skin showing.
  • Some mamas are open to anything and everything.
  • Some bring lots of props.
  • Some just bring themselves.

Whatever you have in mind, we can help you craft a session that is perfect for YOU and YOUR family. If you need help sketching it out we always have lots of ideas. And props and wraps.

Looking for Ideas?

Maternity photography is very personal but I haven’t met a mom yet who didn’t want to know what other moms have done. Be sure to check these out.

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Session Options

The session fee covers our time and talent in the camera room, or time to process your images in preparation for your review and our time to review your images with you.

Single Session


  • You may include anyone in your immediate family
  • In-studio
  • 60+ minutes
  • You will view 20-40 images
  • Portraits are additional

Maternity Session + Baby Plan


  • You may include anyone in your immediate family in the maternity session
  • Includes our already discounted Baby Plan, where we photograph your baby as a newborn and then at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months
  • In-studio sessions
  • Maternity session is 60+ minutes
  • You will view 20-40 images from your maternity session
  • Portraits are additional

What We Offer

maternity photo
Whatever your interest, if you appreciate fine portraiture we have something for you! We offer a wide variety of products – desk portraits, wall pieces, parent brag books, books and albums, multiple framing options, announcement cards and more. There are plenty of samples in our studio and we’ll be able to show you almost anything you may want to see with your own images with our state-of-the-art projection system.
  Not sure how things will look or what size to buy? We can help! Take a picture with your smartphone of the space in your home that you’re considering and we’ll show you exactly what your pictures will look like in the exact size you’re considering right in that spot! No more guesswork or surprises!

You Probably Have a Few Questions

Toggle each question below for the answer. There are lots more questions and answers here.

Who can be included in the session?

You can include your partner and your whole family if you like. It’s a great way to welcome the new baby to the family!

When should I hold a maternity session?

We suggest holding the session between your 7th and 8th month. Your tummy is nice and round but you don’t yet feel like you just had enough.

What props & clothes do most of your clients bring?

See our ideas and inspiration section just above – lots of information there!

Do I have to bare my belly?

Maternity photos are completely personal. You can bare your belly (or more!) or not. You are in charge and whatever you want to do is what we will do. The camera room is closed to everyone but us during a maternity session so you can feel comfortable baring as much or as little as you like.

How much is this going to cost me?

There are two parts to our pricing, the session fee and portrait pricing. The session fee covers our time and talent in the camera room, or time to process your images in preparation for your review and our time to review your images with you. The single session fee for a maternity session is $125 but you can get over half off that if you sign up for our Baby Plan at the same time. With our baby plan, you get 5 sessions – Newborn, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and 12 month. The price for all 6 sessions, if you join us at the Maternity, is just $149. For portrait pricing, we have lots of options, too numerous to list here so we’ll provide some ballpark figures. Some people spend more, some spend less than the figures here, depending on their wants and needs.


  • Our gift portraits (8×10 and smaller) are meticulously retouched, professional sealed and mounted, wrapped in glassine and delivered to you in a gift box with a personalized bag that you’ll re-use again and again; prices start at $135.
  • Wall portraits are hand-finished and sealed, available in 3 finishes and gallery wrapped or framed with your choice of 4 moldings; prices start at $339.
  • Clients who join us for a single session usually spend $800-$1000 in packages that may include items such as a wall piece, session album, photo cards and gift portraits.
  • Our baby plan clients generally spend $400 – $700 per session over the life of their plan in packages that may include items such as albums or books, gift portraits, framed pieces, custom announcement cards, multimedia slideshows and digital negatives.
I'm not sure about investing in pictures right now, with the baby coming there will be lots of additional expenses.
None of our clients has ever regretted investing in quality pictures with us. Photography may be one of the few investments that is guaranteed to be worth more to you years from now. With that said, we do understand the financial reality families face these days.  So, we offer several payment options – Visa, MC, Discover, checks, cash, EFT, money orders. We also offer hassle-free, interest-free financing for many of our packages. This is HUGE for many of our clients – select the images you like, we’ll help you find the package that’s best for you and then we’ll craft a payment plan that will fit your budget. It’s not a layaway, take your pictures home and pay over time. How cool is that?

The Deal

Sign up for our promotional Baby Plan at the same time you schedule your maternity session and get the maternity session at more than half off the full price.

That’s $149 for 6 photo sessions.

Pretty darn good deal.

Learn more about our Baby Plan here!

Or if you’re ready to sign up, click the button below and you can sign up for either the maternity/baby plan or just the baby plan!

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