Frequent Questions

These are the questions we get asked a lot. Toggle each question for the response. Do you have one that we haven’t answered here? Contact us and we’ll get right on it!


Have you been doing this a while? I like to know I'm coming to someone with experience.
I’ve been photographing for over 20 years and have owned the business for over 15. I have photographed literally thousands of babies and children over the years and belong to a number of professional associations where I continue to hone my craft. There is no substitute for experience when it comes to working with unpredictable little people. No worries, there is pretty much nothing I have not seen!
When are you open?

All photo, viewing and consultation sessions are by appointment only. For pickups, it’s best to call in advance!

Where are you located?

We’re located at in Salzburg Square at 292 Rt 101, Amherst, NH 03031. 

Session Management

Family Sessions – how many people can you photograph for a family picture?
We can photograph up to 15 people in-studio for a family session.
How many pictures will I see from my session?
It depends on the session, but you’ll have anywhere from 30-60 images to select from with various poses and a variety of expressions, close-ups, mid-length and full-length. We will always go over your expectations before the session and we’ll always ask at the end of the session if we’ve done everything you wanted to do.
How many poses do you take during a session?
We take as many as necessary depending on the session to give you what you truly deserve – incredible photographs! You will always have more than enough to choose from. In fact, I almost ALWAYS hear that there were too many good images – which I think is a great problem to have!
I have a chid with special needs. Can you photograph him/her?
We have photographed many, many babies and children with special needs. We NEVER force a child to do anything that he or she is not capable of. We can always adjust, eliminate or substitute a pose to accommodate the special needs of any person. We do encourage you to talk to us about your child before the session so that we can be fully prepared and ensure a safe and happy experience for everyone.
I have stretch marks. My child has a scratch. Can you 'fix' us?
We retouch boo boos, scars (if desired), scratches, blemishes, baby acne, stretch marks and a host of other things on portraits so don’t sweat the small stuff, we’ve got you covered. If things look especially bad, though – think conjunctivitis or a black eye), call us at 603-579-0500.
I have twins/triplets. Can you photograph them?
Yes, yes & yes! We love multiples. We do everything we can to move things along as quickly and smoothly as possible. We have photographed hundreds of multiples and we have a system. We always work to get great photographs of each child separately and both/all of them together. Our clients are usually amazed that things go as smoothly as they do. And, we even offer special portrait packages that we’ve created especially for you!
We’re approaching our 6 month session and my baby is not sitting up well. What should I do?
If your baby is not meeting the milestone for a particular session call us at 603-579-0500 so we can discuss. Sometimes we can work around it, sometimes we’ll want to push the appointment out. A lot of this depends on your wants, your schedule and your baby’s specific needs.
What if my child fusses during the session?
Well, a lot of babies and quite a few small children fuss from time to time because that’s how they communicate. For newborns, because they are unpredictable, we schedule plenty of time – usually 3 hours – to feed and comfort the baby as necessary. For all other baby and child appointment we generally allow a minimum of 1 hour. For babies 3 months and older, if they are well and fed have a clean diaper that goes a long way. Same for small children. If none of that helps, we have other tricks up our sleeves. And, if all else fails we will reschedule if we have to – that’s certainly not anyone’s first choice but isn’t it nice to know that if your child is having an ‘off’ day you don’t need to worry about it?
What if the session doesn't go well?
I leave a lot of time for every session just so that we have flexibility if the unexpected should occur. I also have a world of patience and a few tricks up my sleeve. And, I know how to approach almost any child in any situation. Still, sometimes babies and small children just have a bad day, no matter how well we plan. I’m a great judge of how things are going and if I feel they are not going as well as I’d like no matter what we try I’ll call it and we’ll find a time to reschedule. It doesn’t happen often and certainly not the option that we’d all like but aren’t you glad you don’t have to worry about it?
What should I bring with me to the session?
Check out our preparation tips here: Session Preparation.
Do you offer black and white photography?
We photograph in color but we can convert any color image to black and white or any duo tone, such as sepia.
Do you photograph weddings?
Unfortunately, no we do not photograph weddings or  engagements. We specialize in babies, children and their families because we love that part of the business and we believe that if you specialize you get really, really good at what you do. 
What kinds of products do you offer? I like new and different.
We are literally on the cutting edge when it comes to our product offerings. Whether you are interested in something for you or something to give away – we have a solution. Everything from desk folios and parent brag books to custom wall collages, digital effects such as fairy dust and selective coloring, custom framing, baby albums, multimedia slideshows, custom birth announcements just to name a few of our many products. You’ll see a number of samples in our studio. 

Scheduling & Re-scheduling

How far in advance should we book?
Normally our calendar is full 2-4 weeks in advance on weekdays, with afternoons generally more available than morning appointments. Saturday appointments require some advance notice – we are generally booked for Saturday appointments 2-3 months in advance. This varies from season to season, month to month. Please give us a call to find out what dates and times we have available.
I work outside the home. Scheduling a session is hard.
It’s always best to schedule a session at the child’s best time. We do offer Saturday sessions, though they are not always readily available so if you absolutely need a Saturday it’s best to schedule out your session(s) as soon as possible. We will ALWAYS do our best to find the best time for everyone and we always seem to find a way to make it happen.
My baby isn't born yet. Should I wait to schedule the newborn?
Don’t Wait! Sign up right away – at the very least we’ll make sure that we reserve a spot for you in the month that you’re due!
What if I can't keep my appointment?
Just call! We’re at 603-579-0500. We know babies and small children and we know the unexpected happens. Please just call as soon as you possibly can.
What if my child is sick?
There is sick – runny nose, sniffling, etc. And then there is SICK – up all night, fever, red eyes, throwing up. The first is iffy, the latter is a definite reschedule. If you’re in doubt just call us at 603-672-8780 and we’ll figure it out together.
What is the best age for a newborn session?
Ideally we like the babies to be 3-14 days but babies up to 4 weeks are considered newborns. If you are booking a newborn session, we love to hold your session before your baby is 2 weeks old. I joke with my moms and tell them that when they are in the hospital they should call Mom first and me second. I’m only half kidding. I can’t tell you how much little newborns change, almost every day. So we want to capture them when they are as tiny and new as possible! For more information about our Baby’s First Year program, click here.

We’d love nothing better than to help you tell your story in beautiful pictures.