Baseball Dreams

I think Connor is dreaming those baseball dreams, with big plans to be one of the boys of summer one day, perhaps! He’s a cutie. Love his little mohawk! Looking forward to photographing him during his first year and we’ll be interested to see whether he...

Sisters Forever

Sisters forever – that’s Jaden and Logan. We have not seen Jaden in a couple of years and she has changed so much since the last time we photographed her. And, of course, Logan – who we met for the very first time – was super cute.

Littlest Fashionista

The Littlest Fashionista is Prajna, just 3 months, and I just love the look on her little face. She was trying out one of my new sets and was very patient with me while I was pulling it together. Such a cutie pie!

Oh so Pretty in Purple

Lilliana at her 6 month and she is oh so pretty in purple! I think I loved all her pictures. She is just gorgeous and full of personality and smiles all the time. She’s and easy, really fun baby to photograph.