Recent Baby Plan Graduates

It’s always a little sad when a baby graduates from our baby plan. We do love to see them grow up, though and we love to look back and how far they’ve come and how much they’ve grown! Here are a number of our most recent graduates, with pictures...

Baseball Dreams

I think Connor is dreaming those baseball dreams, with big plans to be one of the boys of summer one day, perhaps! He’s a cutie. Love his little mohawk! Looking forward to photographing him during his first year and we’ll be interested to see whether he...

Sisters Forever

Sisters forever – that’s Jaden and Logan. We have not seen Jaden in a couple of years and she has changed so much since the last time we photographed her. And, of course, Logan – who we met for the very first time – was super cute.

Littlest Fashionista

The Littlest Fashionista is Prajna, just 3 months, and I just love the look on her little face. She was trying out one of my new sets and was very patient with me while I was pulling it together. Such a cutie pie!