Last time, we talked about some little-known fact about photography. In this post, more of these interesting facts will be covered.

Most Effective Photo Type

According to research the most effective type of photo for women is the kind used in most MySpace shots. The photo is taken from above the head at a specific angle. However, this does not hold true for men. The most effective photo for men comes when they don’t look at the camera and don’t smile. Just one more of the little-known facts about photography.

A Dangerous Business

Another of the little-known facts about photography involves the danger in the early business. The chemicals used in early photography posed a real threat to those in the business. Chemicals involved in the early years included lye, mercury, and silver nitrate, among others. Often, exposure to these chemicals led to the photographers taking time off work due to illness. Continued exposure to them could lead to madness or even death.

Another danger and one of the little-known facts about photography came from the chemicals used in early flash powder. Potassium chloride and aluminum mixed together formed the flash in early use. If too much of these chemicals mixed together the flash approached the level of an explosion!

An Accidental Photo

The first photo that included a human subject came about by accident. Louis Daguerre in 1828 took a photo of a street scene in Paris. The exposure time required for the photo was seven minutes. In that time a man stopped on the street below and had his shoes polished. Just another of the little-known facts about photography.

It Doesn’t Mean Anything

Most brand names carry some kind of meaning. They have some kind of connection between the name and the product. However, the word ‘Kodak’ doesn’t mean anything. George Eastman, who founded Kodak, liked the letter K and thought it sounded strong. So he made up a word around that letter. One more of the little-known facts about photography.

They’re Still There

Remember the moon landings and the photos made there? The cameras, twelve Hasselblad cameras, that made them are still there on the moon. When the astronauts started back, they abandoned the cameras so they could bring back over fifty pounds of moon rocks. Still another of the little-known facts about photography.

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