While almost everyone has some type of digital camera or uses a phone for photos, you may have some photos that aren’t digital. Storing your photos is something you need to know about so that you can keep them for posterity.

First of all, make sure you have back-ups of some kind before storing your photos. These can be negatives or photocopies. You don’t want to lose the only copy you have of your favorite photo and not be able to recover it.

Low temperature and low humidity are key factors for storing your photos. In general, your color photos will fade more quickly with increasing heat. If you can keep the temperature in your house between 50 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s probably safe for storing your photos.

If you want to keep your photos for decades, a temperature around 35 F and low humidity will be ideal. Storing your photos in a proper storage container will also be necessary.

For photos you want to have around for easy access, a cool and dry room in your house will be all right. There should be little light and little fluctuation in temperature and humidity. Basements are typically too humid for storing your photos and the attic is too dry. Varying temperature and humidity will curl, warp, or crack your photos. Sunlight will fade them quickly.

When storing your photos, don’t keep them with newspaper clippings. The acid in the newspaper will damage the photos. If you need to keep a clipping with your photos, copy the clipping onto acid-free paper.

If you need to write on your photos, write on them with a pencil. Don’t use pens or markers or adhesive labels. Paper clips and rubber bands will damage your photos.

When storing your photos, keep the negatives and copies of the photos separate. This way, they won’t all be damaged or ruined if something happens.

Cardboard, wood, and some plastics give off gasses that can damage your photos. When storing your photos, don’t keep them in these kinds of containers.

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